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Wim Hazelaar Trofee2017

  • Wim Hazelaar Trofee 2017 at the IFTF, Holland, came to an end. I want to thank all those who gave me this chance to have such a wonderful experience of competing with flower designers from all over the world and to meet a lot of people.
    When I saw Wim Hazelaar Trofee 2001 17 years ago, I wished I had been there as a competitor. My dream which I once thought would never come true came true in November 2017.
    Experience and meeting like this, I expect, will surely lead me further. The support you all gave me made me hang on in this international competition which I had never been through. I will do my best to make this experience beneficial to the world of flower.
    I think Mr. Wim Hazelaar, former teacher, gave me support from the sky. I wanted to repay him with a prize. It seems that he is telling me to grow up!
    I kept quiet for two days during the competition because there was a regulation that all those related to the competition must not put pictures and videos on SNS. Now I am free and I will upload some nice pictures and videos of it on SNS!